Price List & Product Sales


A Non refundable deposit of £20 will be required for each course booked.

The Dragon in the Land: One day course £55

The Wizard in the Stone: One day course £75

Geopathic Survey £80 With Site Visit, plus fuel charge.

Geopathic Survey £45 Remotely Dowsed

Many people are not quite sure what is happening to themselves their family or their animals when elements of the paranormal seep into our world. A Geopathic Survey allows checks to be carried out to determine what the nature of the problem is. I carry out an onsite visit or remotely dowsed check to determine the extent of any Geopathic problem, a typed survey & topographical overview is then compiled & posted. Advice is then provided on how any Geopathic Stress found can best be resolved also including any costing which would apply if the Geopathic stress was requested to be turned from the residence or business. Occasionally I will receive enquiries for the removal of paranormal happenings, few people realise that in most cases the phenomena requires the presence of Geopathic energy to exist and may just be the tip of the problem when you consider the risk to health from the affects of Geopathic Stress.

Geopathic Property Correction

Many different techniques are used to clear property and space of problems encountered, I primarily use Earth Energy collapsing devices capable of turning a simple earth energy line or collapsing an entire Stone Circle size spiral, an onsite visit is required to place these units. Advice, all materials and full report are included in any costs quoted. Each correction will usually take between one and two hours.

Additional Charges that may apply

There may be an additional fuel or lodge charge for works outside of the town of Shrewsbury. Please provide your address & postcode with any correspondence for a quote.


FOR SALE at advertised courses.
Dowsing Rods 16",12” Steel rods with attached handles.
Dimensions: Rod - 6mm Handles - width..16mm length..105mm
No nonsense rods ideal for all forms of dowsing. We are a family run business and not only make the rods but also use them. We put a great deal of care into their manufacture and understand that each rod is an extension of the person. Ideal as a gift with a brief Dowsing Guide booklet enclosed.

16” & 12” Rods Price £20

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Please note I am not a doctor of medicine, the medical references are my opinion only and do not pertain to advice in a skilled capacity on health or any medical diagnosis.

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